10 Nov 2017

Multiple image leakage OnePlus 5: Dual camera, matte black case, very thin, 8GB RAM?

Only a few more days, OnePlus 5 released, but leaks have appeared everywhere. We see in the picture a device with a dual camera, a metallic black case that looks just like the iPhone 7, it also looks pretty thin, heard to be the thinnest flagship today when this device appeared. OnePlus is also up to the camera with the words “Dual cameras.” Sharp images suggest that it will focus more on the ability to take pictures of this device. As always, OnePlus 5 will have a very powerful configuration with the Snapdragon 835 chip and 8GB of RAM. Previous leaks also indicated that the product would have a 4000mAh battery and that the camera was corrected by DxO. Will be an interesting device to be here.

OnePlus_5_ro_ri_1.png OnePlus_5_ro_ri_3.jpg OnePlus_5_ro_ri_4.jpeg

Source: Android Police, Slashleaks, OnePlus


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