10 Nov 2017

Try to fly with DJI Spark: shake the plane side by side

No need for a remote, no need for a phone, just use yourself to control the DJI Spark. Take, for example, you go forward, the plane goes back, you roll back, you wave your arms to the left plane, flutter, the plane goes up and down, the altitude decreases. At around $ 500, DJI Spark will fit in more people than any other DJI aircraft.

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The first feeling that I opened the Spark box was that it was too small, in the palm of my hand. Considering the Spark image on the net, lying alone does not think it’s that small, just half the size of Mavic Pro. It can not be folded but when purchased, DJI offers a foam box to store products, which is quite a surprise with the tradition of users to buy accessories of this company. With this sponge box, you will not have to worry about damage when it comes to balo, which is not to mention a small surprise: DJI donated a set of fans in the box without having to buy more.

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Generous with foam box but DJI maintains the tradition of blood sucking: Spark does not come with controls, you have to use your hands as mentioned above or use the phone. The bundled version comes with $ 699, which is $ 200 higher than the non-control version, plus one extra battery, propeller and some accessories. If you buy this version, the price of Spark is only $ 300 less than Mavic Pro, which is a landmark that we should consider when its flight time is just over 15 minutes, lost nearly half while only turns FullHD vs. 4K, and most importantly anti-vibration with only 2 axles instead of 3 axes.

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Control is the point I like most on Spark, the WiFi control over the phone is anyone can do but the gesture control is very impressive point. Spark will help those who do not fly, those who fear control are really happy, simply too easy to use and convenient, can work independently of the phone.

tinhte_tren_tay_dji_spark_ (6).jpg

Spark’s gesture control uses cameras and sensors. So, in the dark, you will be very difficult to control this way because it does not hide our face. In the daytime it is very accurate, rarely fails, although this is a test.

tinhte_tren_tay_dji_spark_ (9).jpg

For Spark to take off, you simply click the button on the plane twice, then it will scan our face. When this plane will automatically take off, you just raise your hand for it to identify the hand. If you get the hand, the light will turn green and you are ready to control it as mentioned above. If you lose the hand signal, the light will turn red, you need to lightly flicker to the receiver.

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That’s take off, what about landing? When the plane is receiving the hand, you hand it down to its bottom at about 20-30 cm, then it will automatically lower down our hands. Remember not to be afraid, do not shake your own individual after a run, then find it less balanced and safe. Also note that when the plane gestures it will always listen to our command, there is no avoid obstacles like when using remote or telephone.

tinhte_tren_tay_dji_spark_ (10).jpg

Since this is only a test version and space is limited, I have not tried gesture-based features to shoot or shoot movie scenes. The next time you try the video will be more detailed.

Thanks to FlycamPro for lending me the machine

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