10 Nov 2017

LG will announce the launch of all 2017 TV series in Vietnam

LG has announced the launch of all 2017 TV series in Vietnam. So not like last year with the highest E series, this year Vietnamese users will have the opportunity to experience and own the top line signature collection such as G7 and W7 with impressive image quality combined design unique.


Looking to the premium segment, this year’s LG brings new OLED TVs including the W7, G7, E7, C7 and EG9A7. Three of them are E7, C7 and EG9A7, which are widely sold in supermarkets nationwide. Two special samples in the signature collection are W7 and G7 are expected to be brought back to Vietnam in July. Compared to the regular OLED TVs, the W7 and G7 not only have impressive image quality inherited from OLED technology, but also own unique luxury design.


Especially the LG W7 TV was impressed at the CES 2017 show earlier this year with ultra-thin design just 4 mm. Dubbed as a wall painting, users can “paste” W7 onto the wall through magnetic magnetic technology unique.


This year, LG will continue to introduce to Vietnamese consumers new LED TV 2017 models with many upgrades worth the quality of images as well as design. The most advanced is the Super UHD 2017 TV series that uses the 3rd generation Nano Cell Display technology. Compared to previous quantum dot technologies, nanoparticles are much smaller in size with a diameter of only 1 nm. This allows the Super UHD TV series to have much more color reproduction than previous LCD TVs. In the midrange and popular segment, Korean electronics companies will continue to introduce 4K and FullHD TVs with varied models and sizes to suit the needs of Vietnamese consumers.
In addition to image quality and design, LG’s Smart TV 2017 series integrates WebOS 3.5. LG has improved its operating system platform, making it easier for users to experience content from popular services like Netflix, Flim +, FPT Play, etc. The latest version of WebOS also supports watch 360 degree VR content.

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