About us

Design, construction, supervision ... related to construction, installation of pipes, painting, installation of machine tools ... Over 20 years of experience, KB Software (KBS) is a Japanese company specializing in the field of building computer systems. The company's field of operation extends to a wide range of customers such as manufacturing, healthcare, schools, services ... The company always supports customers from design, construction, To operate the system. In addition, the company also implements IT empowerment, meets the human resource requirements and minimizes the cost of customers.
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Business philosophy

Mission to be the bridge between the world and Japan, Vietnam, AKB Software was established in January 2008 with the goal of providing human resources, products and techniques. In the field of industrial construction and IT field.

CEO of AKB Software Company

Placeholder Outsource
Outsourcing to Japanese partners. AKB has 9 years of experience working with Japanese clients. With a good technical team, AKB always strive to please all customers.
Placeholder Software Development
Get software development according to customer idea. Currently AKB has software products such as Gia Pha software, warehouse management software, AKB E-Office business management system, AKB staff management system, conference information system CISYS ...
Placeholder Web design
Business website design, ecommerce, modern technology, flat UI design and responsive standards - compatible on many devices such as computer, ipad, smartphone ...
Placeholder Mobile application development
Vietnam is one of the countries with the fastest increase in smartphone users in Asia. AKB received applications for mobile application development (Android app) according to the idea, customer requirements.
Placeholder Digital Transformation
AKB release a product about Digital Management Transformation as a SaaS (Software as a Service), which help companies optimize their resource management.
Placeholder Design family tree website
Using graphical tools, portraiture of the customer. Pictures used in visit card, catalog, corporate website.
Placeholder Providing staff
The company has a training program, and dispatched staff to work in Japan. Employees can work at the KBS Corporate Headquarters in Nagasaki, or go to work on-site at KBS and AKB's client companies.
Placeholder Data processing, CAD drawing
AKB outsource data, create CAD drawings for all constructions. With 9 years of experience working with construction industry partners in Japan, AKB always strive to deliver the best quality CAD service in the quickest and best quality.
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