10 Nov 2017

Elon Musk reveals that the London-based Hyperloop route, from London to Edinburgh, is only about 50 minutes away

This is one of nine pipeline routes recently revealed by Elon Musk as part of a “global campaign” to invite more cities around the world to use Hyperloop. Hyperloop One will then select the most economically feasible and feasible cities and routes to build. In addition to the Hyperloop network connecting North and South of England, Hyperloop One is ambitious to expand its routes with the shortest distance of 90 km from Estonia to Finland and the longest distance of 2000 km around Germany.

Hyperloop UK.jpg
The length of the pipeline from London to Edinburgh is 666 km.

First, with the Hyperloop One system in the UK, Elton Musk said there would be multiple routes to be considered, including the link between Edinburgh to London, a transit time of just 50 minutes, and an arc route linking the Northern cities like Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh and a direct route between Scotland and Wales.

In addition, according to the Hyperloop One plan there will be intercontinental routes from Corsica (French territory on the Mediterranean) to Sardinia (Italian territory in the Mediterranean) or from Spain to Morocco . These routes will pass through the high seas, but Hyperloop One uses a vacuum pipeline, so the deployment of sea-going pipelines will be less costly and less expensive than deploying on land.

Hyperloop One Nevada 1.jpg
Hyperloop One Nevada 3.jpg Hyperloop One Nevada.jpg Hyperloop One Nevada 2.jpg
Hyperloop One system test in the Nevada desert.

Hyperloop One is a promising future vehicle, but the system is still in its early stages of testing. Currently, Hyperloop One has just completed the 2 mile trial pipeline in Nevada and we will have to wait years or even decades to see the Hyperloop pipeline connecting many cities, on the ground or under the ground.

Hyperloop One is committed to deploying this vacuum pipeline network in the US, Europe and Dubai, connecting the world and the project is well on the way. Notably, Hyperloop One is trying to get this kind of transport to the world. In Europe, a similar company called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has launched plans. on the global pipeline network and signed many contracts with countries in Eastern Europe to exploit Hyperloop systems. With both HTT and Hyperloop One trying to get a nod from governments, this competition will drive technology development.

By: TechRadar, source: tinhte.vn

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